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Shipping Cost

All shipping prices shown on the item pages are for priority services including tracking and insurance. Mostly we ship airmail which has proven very reliable and reasonably priced. Standard tiles are usually three or perhaps four per package by airmail. When buying more than one tile you can order direct from the web pages and we will refund the difference or send us an email and we will calculate the total for you and send an invoice.

* Refers to standard 6" x 6" tiles which are the vast majority on the site. Smaller tiles are cheaper, larger tiles are dearer, a few 6" x 6" tiles are dearer as they are considerably heavier due to being thicker and/or made from heavier clay eg buff and red clays.



Tiles can be collected by arrangement. We are located in the historic World Heritage Site of the Ironbridge Gorge with its ten museums. Known as the Birthplace of Industry and with the world's first iron bridge built in 1779 Ironbridge and the surrounding area of beautiful countryside is one of England's most interesting destinations for geographers, historians, geologists, and tourists.

Not only heavy engineering but fine porcelain and magnificent tiles were made here, Maw & Co were the greatest tile makers using a wider range of decorative techniques and producing more tiles than almost any other company in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Craven Dunnill another great tile maker were located a few hundred yards away and their superb victorian tile works is now a tile museum.

Also less than an hour away by car are the Black Country Museum and the City of Stoke on Trent world famous for its ceramics including tiles and with its many museums.

Tiles collected must be paid for in cash.


General Order Information

If you need time to select tiles for a project, confirm details, wish to combine postage for multiple purchases or use a different payment method please send an email including the reference (SKU) numbers of the tiles. Click here to use your email application or send your enquiry to We can then reserve the tiles for you for up to ten days to allow you time to complete your selection and for payment to reach us.

For customers who wish to pay by credit card we will send a PayPal payment request or create a special web page with a payment link.

When paying by other means please notify us by email when your payment is sent.

We will let you know when tile(s) dispatched.



Mailing address:

Jake's Design
14 Wharfage

Telephone: 01952 433094

International: +44 1952 433094

From USA: 011 44 1952 433094



Pay by credit card and echeck are accepted through our online payment processors PayPal, clicking buy now buttons takes you to PayPal's secure web site for payment. We never know your banking arrangements PayPal forwards the payment to our account. Items paid for via PayPal can be sent to confirmed addresses only and full insurance is required.


Most of our customers prefer to pay by credit card but such payments bear the highest transaction fees, we return the fees for payments by other means as discounts.

UK online/telephone bank payments - 2.5% discount

Cash (UK Pounds - GBP) - 3% discount

Uncrossed Postal Order (UK Post Office) - 2% discount

Payments may also be made at bank branches, in to any HSBC branch or at your own bank. As we are charged counter fees we can not offer discounts for bank payments.

International payments for amounts up to $1000 are most cost effective by credit card via PayPal. For those who prefer to not use credit cards online or payments via PayPal funds can be transferred in to our account. International payments exceeding £650 must be paid by bank transfer.


Important Notice about US Dollar Prices

Prices are Pounds Sterling, US Dollar prices shown in brackets are indicative only and show an approximate conversion at the time the page was posted or updated. Clicking the buy now button will show the actual amount to be paid, you still have to confirm before payment is made. Using the currency converter link to get up to date average exchange rate in dollars or your local currency.

PayPal convert to dollars etc at the time that payment is made, this means that the transfer is equitable and neither us or the customer gain or lose from interim exchange rate variations.



We pack our tiles very well so that a happy customer is the result.

Our tiles are also easy to unpack! We do not use adhesive tapes on tiles, we use a special industrial packing film for packaging our tiles (like cling film/Saren wrap), it is stretchy and so can be pulled away easily and torn or snipped with scissors. Tiles are individually wrapped in soft packing foam and then collectively in bubble wrap (larger quanitites may be double boxed with polystyrene cushioning material). We always use clean packaging materials, we almost always use new materials but we will re-use material where it is clean and appropriate.

To unpack your tiles open the padded bag or box, pull the film away from the bubble wrap and tear or cut. Tiles have a further protective covering of polyethylene foam sheeting, again held on by stretchy film. Again pull the film away and remove as before, bubble wrap and foam can be folded up for re-use.

To be that little extra safe unwrap your tile package above a soft surface, best sit on a sofa or bed, our tiles are clean so you will not mark your furnishings. Don't hold the tile above a tiled or other hard floor when unwrapping as then a slip could have disastrous results.

Our packaging gets almost as many compliments as our tiles!




Tiles For Sale
 1001 Art Nouveau Tiles


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