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 Rare Minton & Co 7" River View Tile


• Condition: Fine
• Price: £500 (approx $813)
• Ref: 03000

UK Special Delivery £510

EU Priority £513

US and World Priority £518

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Very small chip bottom edge, a few very tiny/minute edge chips, one very short scratch and other very slight surface marks. Perfectly clean and bright.


• Style/technique: Pictorial handpainted
• Manufacturer: Minton & Co
• Dimensions: 7" x 7"
• Date: circa 1860

A nicely painted view of a river scene with boats under sail and ashore being worked on and a city in the distance. Painted in an economical yet clear and detailed manner and with a good range of colours. The painting is in the manner of ornament for tableware and likely was painted in the china department rather than the tileworks the tile having never been installed with adhesive made for furniture or pot stand to compliment a dinner service.

At seven inches the size is rare too, certainly Mintons China Works continued with some seven inch tiles in to the 1890s but they too are very rarely found. It is rather an odd size too given the number of inches in a foot, I have never seen an installation of them nor a purpose designed fitting eg fireplace. One clue perhaps may be in Prosser's Patent issued in 1840 which was for articles of surface area up to fifty square inches, or a fraction over seven inches square. Perhaps there was a technical limitation preventing larger tiles and hence the advent of this odd size. As this tile does not bear the Prosser's mark it presumably was made after the patent expired in 1855.

(Image has been slightly enhanced to show embossed detail more clearly.)

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