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Rare Views Tile L T Swetnam Minton

  • Condition: Very fine
  • Price: £255 (approx $369)
  • Ref: 03893


This was quite a popular series in the 1890s but on six inch tiles and in plain brown, black or indian blue print. In colours they are quite special, especially the eight inch version set within its border with printed band of bead pattern and plain bands tastefully coloured in 'gold'.

The colours really bring it to life and soften the over intensity of the shading found on both Wise's and Swetnam's engravings, it appears that the engravings were intended to be coloured over for that's how they appear in the pattern book and they look so much better in real life too.

This view as we can see as the engraving is named is Dittisham on the Dart a village famed for its fishing for the river nearby is very wide and shallow. One of the prettier views from the series especially in colour.

Verso clear of adhesive but rather grubby, emboseed Mintons etc and England.

Very tiny chip bottom right corner, a few minute rim chips, surface is perfect. Manufacturing similarly excellent with only very minor flaws.


Style/technique: Landscape print & tint
Manufacturer: Mintons Ltd
• Engraved by: L T Swetnam
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: circa 1895


UK Special Delivery £265

EU Priority £270

US and World Priority £275

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