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Floral / Art Nouveau Majolica Tile

• Condition: Excellent1
• Price: £80 (approx $124)
• Stock number: 04476

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Tiny chip top right corner, half a dozen very tiny/minute rim chips, excellent bright glaze surface, perfectly clean.


• Style: Floral / art nouveau
• Technique: Embossed majolica
• Maker: Henry Richards
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1904


An early tile from Richards, pattern number six, and a most interesting design. The design from before art nouveau was fully developed and adopted is difficult to categorise. Strongly floral, symmetrical so clearly stylised and not botanically representative, with some hesitant elements of art nouveau and some lingering elements of 'arts & crafts movement style'.

I have only seen it in similar bold and bright colours, rarely are they precisely aligned to the outlines such that it may be deliberate, the celebration of imperfection espoused by some arts & crafts devotees. It clearly found some favour in the marketplace for it does come along from time to time. It carries a lack of formality and is fun, bright, and naive, the near primary colours of red, yellow, blue and green against a cream ground a reminder of fairground colours.

Verso very clean, embossed England, painted pattern number.


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