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Pair of Views of English Castles Mintons Tiles

  • Style: Built landscape
  • Technique: Multicolour print
  • Manufacturer: Mintons
  • Dimensions: 6" x 12" each tile
  • Date: 1890

A rare and excellent pair of arts & crafts picture tiles featuring views of two Warwickshire castles, Kenilworth in ruins for canturies and Warwick now a fantastic tourist experience. It is still possible to enjoy virtually the same views as seen here in Kenilworth the road remains although modernised and being the river flood plain there is a bridge and the land has not be built upon, in Warwick a similar view is found at the bridge on the Banbury Road.

Such 6" x 12" tiles were highly prized and most often used as the centrepieces of fireplace panels both slabbed and in cast iron but they are also found framed as pictures. Typical 6" x 12" tiles cost roughly four times the price of similarly decorated 6" x 6" tiles these are early and on plastic clay slabs as dust pressing of tiles of these dimensions was not yet mastered. These were certainly rather more expensive than dust pressed tiles of the times and considerably more than the weekly wage of a typical pottery worker.

This pair have been framed from new, are in exceptionally good condition and truly represent the conditon they would have been found in when sold about 120 years ago.


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £850 (approx $1286)
Ref: 04947/8


UK Special Delivery £876

EU Priority £884

US and World Priority £898

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As seen in the Mintons catalogue.


Only one very tiny and few minte chips either tile, surfaces are perfect.


Plastic clay with Mintons stamp and year mark T for 1890 impressed.


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