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Very Rare Embossed Rococo Majolica 6x12 Tile


Condition: Very good
Price: £125 (approx. $160)
Ref no: #06143

UK Special Delivery £140

EU Priority £145

US and World Priority £150

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Surface wear to high points, roughness to the rim, top left corner a glazed over manufacturing flaw, roughness to the rim.


Style: Rococo floral
• Technique: Embossed majolica
Manufacturer: The Decorative Art Tile Co.
Dimensions: 6" x 12"
Date: 1891 (registered)


An interesting embossed tile with a floral rococo design within tessellated borders decorated in a wide range of bright colours. An astonishingly rare tile for numerous reasons. 6x12 registered tiles are rare, embossed tiles by this company are rare, tessellated tiles are rare especially registered designs. For its time a combination of skills achieved by networking which is considered a modern phenomena by many yet has existed since time began. Boote was grate at moulding but sub-par in glazing, this is a collaboration of two expertises.

The Decorative Art Tile Co. never pressed any tiles themselves but bought in biscuit from numerous manufacturers. This pressed whilst almost certainly glaze painted by The Decorative Art Tile Co. was most likely pressed by T. & R. Boote.

Verso very clean, plain with embossed design registration number.


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