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Rare Porcelain Blue & White Landscape Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £75 (approx $93)
• Ref: #06191

UK including shipping by Special Delivery £85

EU including shipping by Priority Mail £89

US and World including shipping by Priority Mail £93

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Very minor surface marks.


• Style: Pastoral
• Technique: Blue & white
• Manufacturer: Booth
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1905 (circa)


A good and rare blue and white transfer printed tile with pastoral landscape in circular vignette and floral motifs to the corners. Rare in a number of ways, picture tiles had somewhat fallen out of favour in the early twentieth century and may have been to a great extent aimed at the american market for Adams produced a series of american scene tiles. Themodern picture tiles were mostly mculticolour landscape and dutch scenes the latter in a variety of techniques mostly using modern majolica glazes but occasionally in blue and white. Rare because it is porcelain rather than the usual earthenware, Booth's nineteenth century tiles were usually on pale buff clay bodies produced their famed 'glaze that did not craze' due to the lack of expansion due to moisture absorption so it is perhaps unsurprising that they made more porcelain tiles than perhaps The Crystal Porcelain and Pottery Company. Rare because it has a patented lock back the patent garnted in 1904, good locking was an excellent idea on porcelain tiles as cement does not adhere as well as it does to earthenware.

Verso perfectly clean, embossed patent, date and number.



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