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Art Nouveau Majolica Tile

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £245 (approx. $314)
• Stock number: 06219D

UK Special Delivery £255

EU Priority £259

US and World Priority £263

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Chip/wear top right corner otherwise perfect.


Style: Art nouveau
• Technique: Embossed majolica
Maker: Henry Richards
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1904 (registered)


A rather rare and most outstanding art nouveau tile from the famous and most prolific maker. A complex design and complex in manufacturing too with fine impressed patterns with the pattern going close to the edge especially the top edge some leniency must be offered in respect of the painting. Most art nouveau designs, especially those from the continent of Europe, used only a raised outline with no other relief which made modeling of the pattern plates a very rudimentary process. The detail in this design is superb with intricate detail to the middle of the flowers, subtle embossing to the surrounding leaves and bold spade and flowerhead impressed patterns to the cheeks.

Rare because the pattern fills the tile rather too much for most applications where they are framed indeed it appears in the catalogue as a hearth border along with complimentary diagonal corner tiles. This group however were framed and approx. 1/4" (6mm) was hidden by the frame.

Not previously seen in this colourway and it is a fabulous colourway, perhaps surprisingly the design is seen more often in monochrome albeit rarely. Essentially earth tones although the background could be construed as having some blue content, whilst lacking bold reds, blues, purples &tc it is a fabulous colourway.

Verso perfectly clean, embossed England.


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