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Pair of Mintons Renaissance Tile Panels

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £1200 (approx $1570)
• Ref: 50025


UK Special Delivery £1230

EU Priority £1265

US & World Priority £1300


Top tiles trimmed for the original fixing in a cast iron fireplace, minimum opening size of 29 1/4" on the tapered side will hide the top lost corners. Some chips which will not all be hidden when fitted and some rubbing to the enamels but not on any of the features, the dolphins, putti and sphinxes are virtually perfect, some light staining in the crazing near the edges. All relatively minor marks, when fitted in to a cast iron fireplace most marks hidden, those visible insignificant, a superb pair of tile panels well suited to a most refined period room.



• Style: Renaissance
• Technique: Outline printed and painted
• Maker: Mintons
• Dimensions: 6" x 30" per panel
• Date: 1890/91 (introduced)


An excellent and rare pair of renaissance printed and painted panels in bright, fresh colours, astonishing quality of painting throughout but especially noted on the dolphins and sphinxes. Putti centrepieces representing music with flute and triangle, in renaissance style referencing baroque the spinxes likely based on the statue at Belvedere in Vienna. Painted in the china studios rather than the tileworks, the same quality painting as Mintons china, the delicacy of the painting is extraordinary for tiles.

These were very expensive tiles, four times the price of two colour printed classical panels and two to three times the price of embossed majolica panels of similar dimensions according to a 1903 catalogue. Few are seen, this the third pair we have found and the best condition apart from the trimmed top corners.

Versos very clean, embossed Mintons etc.



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