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Aesthetic Movement Floral Tile Group

Style: Aesthetic movement
• Technique: Print & tint
• Maker: Maw
Dimensions: 36" x 12" as shown above, 12 tiles at 6" x 6"
Date: 1880 (circa )

• Condition: Fine
• Price: £1750 (approx $2816)
• Ref: P0027


An outstanding group of aesthetic movement floral tiles featuring summer flowers delicately painted in wonderful colours. Super art studio quality painting in fresh, bright colours with graduated hues and the patterns breaking the borders making for added complexity, an uninterrupted border being painted in a matter of five seconds or so by a skilled paintress. Very rare for a number of reasons.

We see few such tiles, floral print and tint, from the major manufacturers such as Maw, Minton, Hollins, Malkin etc for their quality was generally too good for this market. they mostly made more demanding tiles for walls where manufacturing quality especially precision and consistency of dimensions was critical. Most print and tint floral tiles were made for fitting in to frames in furniture and fireplaces etc and so many indescretions in manufacture would be hidden and the market was taken over by midrange and .lower quality manufacturers.

It is rare to find an integrated group or series of floral designs, most are by studios and art tile specialists such as W. B. Simpson, the general market repeated the same design and rarely integrated floral designs in to a distinct series.

It is rare to find floral tiles with blue backgrounds and yet it creates a wonderful effect as one may imagine lying on the lawn on a summer's day with the blue sky behind the flowers.

They would make a wonderful set for a fireplace in an aesthetic movement house, I have seen a handful of such fireplaces over the years with each tile different or paired either side and they really are a joy, they would also look wonderful in an aesthetic movement washstand or flower boxes. But they would look wonderful almost anywhere, we find such tiles in the edwardian era too when art nouveau was preeminent for the beauty of nature so wonderfully represented is timeless.

Versos clean but a little grubby, Maw & Co, floreat salopia badge etc,.from the Broseley works.

In fine condition, some corners trimmed for the original fitting, one shallow edge chip (top of the bottom tile), a few other tiny edge chips/losses and ocassional minor surface marks


UK Special Delivery £1780

EU Priority £1810

US and World Priority £1850

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