Rare Victorian Majolica Tile
  • Style/technique: Victorian 'Applied Encaustic' Majolica
  • Manufacturer: Craven Dunnill
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: Circa 1880
  • Colours: 3


A fantastic quality tile in mint condition made by one of the higher quality companies it has a thicker than usual strong reddish brown clay body, it is a very substantial tile. Made of the local Jackfield clay which was super quality but very dark red and was famously used for pottery and doorknobs when glazed black. It is also made by an usual process, a kind of 'applied encaustic', used only by the Jackfield companies Maws and Craven Dunnill. Three different clays make the colours, the glaze is a translucent olive green as can be seen on the white clay. On the buff clay it gives a mid brown colour and the reddish clay it gives dark brown. As all the colours are in the clay and hence very stable a higher temperature better quality glaze could be used. The design, imitation of a mosaic layout which is very similar to Mintons China Works popular transfer print pattern 1478 (C1873) utilised the process to great effect.

This was removed from an unused bedroom fireplace and is in mint condition, verso is very clean and with earlier ring back fully named.


Condition: Mint
Price: £70 (approx $130)
Ref no: 01428 

More appealing in real life than in the picture the glaze has amazing brilliance. No damage, no wear, no manufacturing faults.

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US and World Airsure £85

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