Josiah Wedgwood Patent Impressed Tile

  • Style: Marsden's Patent Impressed
  • Manufacturer: Josiah Wedgwood & Sons
  • Pattern number: R1913
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: circa 1890
  • Colours: 5


Nice patent impressed tile, a mainstream pattern with daisy like flowers, similar to several other patent impressed designs. Given depth by the powdered green and brown glaze colours releiving the plain background.

Looks like a bad day at the factory the day these were made, possibly an accident or overheating in the kiln. Both tiles have firing cracks which do not affect the strength of the tiles as they are bonded together with glaze, both have glaze on their backs, vapourized from the tile beneath. It looks the tile tiles beneath one had blue decoration (likely a blue patent impressed tile) and on the other it looks like a another tile intervened blocking some of the vapourised glaze. The condition however is excellent, the majolica glaze having high brilliance. 

* This description is earmarked for updating as new information in respect of the Patent Impressed process has come to light, see this item for an explanation.


Condition: Excellent+

Price: £45 ($80)

Ref: 01457

Just four tiny chips on the bottom edge and the very slightest of rubbing to high spots.


The corner chip on the back does not go to the front of the tile as it appears in the photo.


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