Victorian Aesthetic Floral Transfer Print Tile
  • Style/Technique: Floral print
  • Made by: T G & F Booth
  • Pattern number: 1016
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Date: design registered 1887
  • Colours: 4 painted


A very pleasant floral design within an aesthetic styled border, a little unusual with the dark background, relatively few tiles were so decorated and they make for an interesting niche in the variety of tile designs. Elements of arts and crafts movement style with the fullness of the design and interweaving of the stems and japanoiserie theme of blossoms in an overall botanical design. Good contrast with the highlighted white flowers, the clay body is off-white, enamelled white was prone to bubbling but this has been very successful.


Condition: Very fine

Price: £50 (approx $77)

Ref: 01859B

A little staining in the crazing near the right edge and a couple of extremely light surface marks, minor manufacturing imperfections. The glaze has high brilliance.

Condition: Fine

Price: £45 (approx $69)

Ref: 01859C

Some light/medium surface scratches, matting to the glaze down the left edge where it is thin, other minor manufacturing imperfections.


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