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Aesthetic Japanesque Print Tile

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £80 (approx $113)
• Stock number: 02149

UK Special Delivery £90

EU Priority £95

US and World Priority £98

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Very minute chips/roughness to the top and left edges, more often manufacturing imperfection - the glaze not quite meeting the edges in places, near perfect surface.


• Style: Aesthetic, 'arts & crafts'
• Technique:
Transfer print
• Ma
ker: Steele & Wood
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
1885 (circa)


A super Arts & Crafts movement style design of sunflowers and divided into four trellis segments as popularised by Wm Morris, executed in a woodblock style print echoing the medieval origins of the design and with a wonderful intentional naivety capturing the liveliness of nature. Bright sunflowers set against hatched backgrounds in two quadrants and flowing foliate stems with leaves and buds in the others. An absolutely charming tile, more impressive in the hand than in the image, the designer and engraver having a true feel for the subject and medium.

The design, albeit to the other hand, was also made by Mintons, click here for an example. Steele & Wood also made the design in more traditional colourings, including similar to the lined Mintons, and many dealers attribute them to Mintons. It is not possible to say if either company originated the design indeed it is likely both used the same source in an art book or art journal. Despite its great reputation Mintons in the late 19th century was well known for copying designs and was criticised for its lack of design prowess.

Verso very clean, unmarked.



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