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Very High Relief Embossed Renaissance Majolica Tile Wedgwood

• Condition: Mint
• Price: £95 (approx $148)
• Stock number: 02275

UK Special Delivery £105

EU Priority £109

US and World Priority £113

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• Style: Renaissance
• Technique: Slipcast majolica
• Maker: Wedgwood
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1905 (circa)


Wedgwood did very few majolica tiles and this is a great. Outstanding high relief, the central boss is around as high as the thickness of the tile body, this was not practicable using the dust pressed moulding process used for the majority of tiles. It is slip cast, the means by which complex three dimensional ceramic shapes like figures are made.

Marks on the back include a painted number V1165 which presumably is a pattern number and is executed similarly to the 'Q' series of numbers Wedgwood used for majolica glaze over transfer print tiles. The V prefix was apparently used from 1889 to around 1902 for majolica tiles which although uncommon are usually dust pressed. Wedgwood is impressed as are the letters 'EHX' and 'I'.


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