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Arts & Crafts Painted Lustre Tile

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £320 (approx $453)
• Ref: #02288C

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Minor chipping bottom of left edge otherwise very near perfect.


• Style: Arts & crafts
• Technique: Painted lustre
• Artist: Charles Henry Temple (porbably)
• Maker: Maw & Co
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1895


A super bright silver lustre tile featuring highly stylised floral decoration, the outline in a brown stain apparently painted through a stencil and hand coloured with silver lustre. Dating from the 1890s when aesthetic and arts and crafts styles were giving way to art nouveau however lustre tiles being rather more artistic in their nature tended to be rather more adventurous in terms of the style expressed which is therefore less of as guide to dating.

Maw & Co together with their near neighbours Craven Dunnill produced the best quality lustre tiles, the process relying on a reaction between the atmosphere in the kiln and the painted stain results in a brilliant metallic sheen that is literally on the very surface and hence is often subject to marks like scratches and wear, this tile however has a near perfect surface with only the very slightest of marks. The difficulty and unpredictability of the process also means that rather more less than perfect lustre tiles were acceptable. They were vastly more expensive than tiles decorated by other techniques, up to eight times more expensive than other handpainted tiles of the day.

Silver lustre is so-called because the element that makes the colour is silver, the effect however is of gold.



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