Aesthetic Transfer Printed Tile
  • Style/technique: Aesthetic transfer print
  • Manufacturer: Josiah Wedgwood & Sons
  • Pattern number: T347
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: circa 1890


A nice floral pattern within double aesthetic borders, rich flow blue print on celadon clay body.

Verso is fully named and inconguously labelled 'patent impressed' with pattern number printed. There are a number of anomalies with marks on Wedgwood tiles perhaps the most obvious being that patent impressed backs look completely different to their regular transfer print backs. One wonders whether they were made in different factories or even if Wedgwood made many themselves perhaps subcontracting biscuit or even tile manufacture. Certainly it appears many transfer printed tile biscuits were made for them by Webbs and perhaps Marsden made the patent impressed.

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £60 (approx $119)
Ref: 02387

Just a few extremely light surface scratches only visible when the tile is tilted to catch them in the light, a very clean tile with high brilliance in the glaze.

UK Special Delivery £68

US and World Airsure £75

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The image is full size at 72 dpi (about 430 pixels wide) in maximum quality JPEG format and on screen is about the size as it would be in real life at the same distance. A larger 120 dpi image also in maximum quality JPEG format can be forwarded by email if required.

The image is a little oversize rather than cropped close to the edges so that the edges can easily be seen and any chips etc can be quickly spotted. Other marks described are usually not visible at all when the tile is viewed straight as one normally sees it and can only be seen with a critical eye when the tile is tilted to catch imperfections in reflected light. For more details of how we describe marks see Condition.

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