Aesthetic Transfer Printed Tile
  • Style/technique: Aesthetic print
  • Manufacturer: Campbell Brick and Tile Co.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: 1875 - 1882


A most unusual tile having a medium blue clay body glazed and then printed. Decorated with a bold aesthetic design complex and with many element including, hints of japanoiserie and gothic. Such blue clay bodies were very expensive, such that a plain tile would be twice the price of a white tile decorated with a blue transfer print!

Verso is clean and fully named Campbell Brick and Tile Co.

Campbell was the owner of Mintons China Works and he set up 'The Minton Brick and Tile Co' after buying out Robert Minton Taylor & Co in an attempt to subvert the court judgment banning him from using Minton and Tile in any company name or marketing. Hollins took him to court again and so the company was renamed Campbell Brick and Tile Co but for just seven years when it became Campbell Tile Co. Campbells eventually outlasted Mintons China Works in tile manufacture and was a major company throughout much of the twentieth century eventually merging with Johnsons in 1963.

Condition: Excellent
Price: £50 (approx $99)
Ref: 02397

Medium glaze chip right edge, very small and very tiny chips near bottom right corner, a little wear to top right corner. The surface is virtually unmarked.

UK Special Delivery £59

US and World Airsure £67

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The image is a little oversize rather than cropped close to the edges so that the edges can easily be seen and any chips etc can be quickly spotted. Other marks described are usually not visible at all when the tile is viewed straight as one normally sees it and can only be seen with a critical eye when the tile is tilted to catch imperfections in reflected light. For more details of how we describe marks see Condition.

The image is full size at 72 dpi (about 430 pixels wide) in maximum quality JPEG format. Customers may request a larger 120 dpi image also in maximum quality JPEG format for closer inspection which will be sent by email.


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