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W B Simpson Arts & Crafts Tile

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £125 (approx $198)
• Stock number: 02588

UK Special Delivery £134

EU Priority £138

US and World Priority £142

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Three minute chips left side, a touch of wear to the bottom right corner, about half a dozen very tiny surface chips (the speck bottom left is an underglaze imperfection), very clean and bright.


Style: Arts & crafts
• Technique: Transfer printed and painted
Manufacturer: W B Simpson
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1880


A super unusual tile for Simpson with a group daisies in a multicolour print which is super quality especially considering the date, fooled the long time collector I bought it from :-) Five colours in the print, more than Mintons China Works the leader in multicolour tile printing achieved at the time, and with a handpainted border. A nice and interesting tile from these famous London tile decorators.

Verso near perfectly clean just a little rust stain, numbers 3035-RC painted on the top edge; verso with 307S painted with the moulded WBS badge and rubber stamp design registration.


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