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Barbotine Stencil Wedgwood Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £125 (approx $212)
Ref no: #02913

UK Special Delivery £135

EU Priority £139

US and World Priority £143

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One very tiny surface chip - a challenge to locate! - the tiny speck near the bottom right corner is a superfluous bit of slip. No wear or rubbing as is often the case with these tiles, superbly brilliant glaze.


Style: Aesthetic floral
• Technique: Barbotine stencil*
Maker: Wedgwood
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1890

* Widely but incorrectly called Marsden's Patent or Patent Impressed.


A very complex tile for this process, six colours of slip and well over a hundred indivdual components each stencilled by hand and some having two slip colours. A full and flowing arts & crafts movement style design of interweaving stems with flowers, buds and leaves, somewhat unusual colours with the peachy coloured flowers and beige chevrons top and bottom.

Verso very clean embossed 'H' and painted pattern number.


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