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Arts & Crafts Floral Tile

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £160 (approx $235)
• Stock number: 03102C

UK Special Delivery £170

EU Priority £174

US and World Priority £178

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Slight glaze losses to the very tip of the right edge, minor manufacturing flaws. Surface is perfect.


Style: Art s & crafts floral
• Technique: Print and glaze painted
Manufacturer: Sherwin & Cotton
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1895


A totally fabulous tile the design of interweaving arts & crafts floral style filling the tile. The printed outline is hand coloured with stains and glazes, a process requiring extreme precision for the glazes tend to run resulting in loss of clarity. This glaze painting has given a slightly three dimensional effect somewhat akin to cuerda seca.

With three of these tiles to compare it can be seen that the shading is also painted by hand so we have an outline print, painting of shading, painting of stains and painting of glazes. Such multiple discipline style of decorating tiles produces some extraordinary visual effects and are rare as most manufacturers stuck with time tested processes.

As with other surface techniques such as lustre, gilding and the most brilliant of glazes the beauty is impossible to fully comprehend from viewing an on screen image for the glowing screen overrides the nuances of service finishes. For sure these are tiles that are much better in the hand than appear on screen.

Sherwin's used prefix letters to denote the decorating technique, tiles as this with a simple 'R' prefix are very scarce in the marketplace. Some appear in Sherwin & Cotton's c.1908 catalogue with much higher pattern numbers, there are no prefix R pattern numbers in their 1892 catalogue. They also had RT prefix pattern numbers the effect being different and all underglaze painting although still creating low relief.

Verso very clean, Staffordhire Knot badge embossed and painted pattern number.


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