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Arts & Crafts Style In-Glaze Colours Floral Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £135 (approx $209)
• Stock number: 03146B

UK Special Delivery £144

EU Priority £148

US and World Priority £152

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Perfect rim, very minor surface marks. Light mark upper left and others around the rim are thin glaze..


• Style; Renaissance
• Technique: Transfer print
• Manufacturer: Craven Dunnill
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1890



A fabulous floral tile of most brilliant appearance being decorated with a most unusual technique. The branch of bold, bright flowers is set against a distorted honeycomb background with an offset hatched circle making a complete aesthetic floral design. The colours are painted in glazes rather than underglaze stains or overglaze enamels and what fabulous glazes. In-glaze colours yet with a clear over-glaze too, most unusual, painting the overglaze or even running under the usual slit box waterfall would likely remove some of the in-glaze colour. This may have been accounted for in the process or maybe they dusted the clear glaze on, whichever or whatever the effect is most brilliant.

The glazes are viscous and so create a slightly 3D effect but otherwise are similar to émaux ombrants glazes being highly translucent yet with rich colour. This is a most unusual technique of which Craven Dunnill were one of the few exponents (others being Sherwin & Cotton and Marsden) and it demonstrates the outstanding technology of the company. A similar tile is illustrated in 'Pottery and Tiles of the Severn Valley' where it is reported with the pattern number 10009, the discrepancy is probably due to colourway as the photo is black and white.

Craven Dunnill made relatively few tiles in the great scale of things, much less than their near neighbours Maw & Co, but they demonstrated a quality of design, technique and skill in the very top echelons of tile makers. Many fabulous designs especially in the more demanding techniques for indeed one could say that their ordinary prints and majolicas are to some extent ordinary. They were the top maker of lustre tiles and in demand for special commissions, they outlasted all the other 19thC decorative tile specialists, de Morgan & Co, Mintons China Works, Marsden, Sherwin & Cotton and Doulton Lambeth.

Versos very clean, grid with badge and name etc embossed, pattern number written in glaze.

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £125 (approx $69)
• Stock number: 03146C

UK Special Delivery £134

EU Priority £138

US and World Priority £142

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Perfect rim, a line of rubbing from the lip of the washstand bowl and rubbing to high points.


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