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Floral Print & Tint Tile

Condition: Very fine
Price: £70 (approx $114)
Stock number: 03203B

UK Special Delivery £78

EU Priority £82

US and World Priority £86

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Small glaze flake top edge near left, minute chip top edge near right. Surface very near perfect.


• Style/technique: Floral print & tint
• Made by:
J H Barratt
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
circa 1900


An excellent floral design within a scalloped vignette formed by shaded and foliate corners. Well printed and painted in four bright colours, the print in dark brown reaching a near black with the intensity near the corners this achieved with screen printing rather than the block printing known for solid colour. Great colours, super red, the glaze is brilliant too although slightly flawed over the red.

Verso very clean, spokewheel grip pattern, England embossed and pattern number printed.


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