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Spirits of the Flowers Mintons Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £200 (approx $318)
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Only exceedingly tiny and minor marks.


• Style/technique: Pictorial print
• Manufacturer: Mintons
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1875 


An early picture series from Mintons introduced around 1872, rather more adventurous than most of their series, not often found and great in this colourway which is perhaps the best suited to the subject matter. Spirits of the Flowers features twelve subjects, this being Foxglove.

The series is widely attributed to Moyr Smith but this is questioned by the author of a book on his works Annamarie Stapleton who says there is no evidence that Smith did these but there is evidence for C O Murray who was a colleague of Smith's. The book includes two pictures on page 47 of stained glass panels designed by Moyr Smith and a series of nursery rhymes that he designed for W B Simpson which are very similar in style to the Spirits of the Flowers and Water Nymphs tile series.

John Moyr Smith was an adaptable artist perhaps most famous at the time for his works that appeared in such publications as the satirical magazine Punch. I certainly believe it feasible perhaps likely that he adapted his style to suit the subject matter the classical style being most appropriate to literature and classical subjects such as Shakespeare and the Musicians and a more irreverant style for the humorous nursery rhymes and other light hearted subject matter.

I think it matters little who designed the tiles, having myself collected art nouveau tiles many of which the manufacturer was unknown let alone the designer, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and should not be constrained by the perceived wisdom of who is a great artist and who is not for often those perceived as great artists were really just great at marketing and adopted the artistic visions of others! 

Verso very clean with Mintons name and badge.


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