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Fabulous Group of Art Nouveau Tiles


Two complete panels as above could be made up with 40 one inch borders and 20 dados spare plus one or two of the others (apart from the panels of course) which should cover for any accidents in cutting and fixing. About one-fifth of the tiles need to be cut to make up such and arrangement, an expert tiler or pedantic and skilled amateur is recommended for fixing!

This arrangement could be used in an entranceway, counter etc, it is 54 inches wide and 50 inches high. There are many possible arrangements and a couple more are shown below.


A rare opportunity, a pair of five tile panels with a fabulous stylish art nouveau design together with associated borders, skirting and plains the decorative tiles featuring the most outrageous bright pink and purple.

In total a little over four square yards, from a bathroom wall, the design is believed to date from the edwardian era, the tiles date from around 1930. Made by the famous Maw & Co of Jackfield, Shropshire.

Some slight damage to the lower tiles of the main panels as seen, the dominant flower tiles are near perfect, no significant marks.

Plains are 90% perfect a few have edge chips
3" borders are 90% perfect
2" mouldings are perfect apart from two with corner chips
1" borders are perfect
Skirting are mostly perfect, two have factory mitres, one has nibbled mitre, one has two drill holes.

Perfect here is used a little more loosely than we use it for collectors tiles where they will be examined in the hand close-up. For installations where they will be viewed from a few feet away any tiny marks will not be noticable and from a short distance these tiles will certainly look perfect.

All tiles have been thoroughly cleaned, mortar has been removed from edges and backs, many backs are perfectly clean, where there remains any mortar residue it is grains in the recesses and will not affect fixing. There will no doubt remain a few spots and splashes of paint etc on some of the tiles, the skirting tiles were painted white and there was overpaint and splashes on nearby tiles which is very difficult to see because of being white on white. All tiles are crazed, in some the crazing has taken a little staining. None considered disfiguring indeed will give a real period feel to the installation.

The tiles give a serious opportunity for designing something special for tiling in a kitchen, shower, vestibule etc or anywhere that tiles may be fitted. Make an eye-catching backdrop for the Aga or shower tiling that brightens the day first thing. The chequered borders will look great just framing panels of plain tiles. The panels may be reduced if required, they as many other designs of the period were intended to be used as three, four, five or six tiles high as can be seen from catalogues of the period illustrating dado tiling.

There is also a box of broken and trimmed tiles mostly clean but some paint on skirtings and the odd splash. About 20 checker border, 3 dados, 8 floral border which could be used as halves for ends etc and some pieces of skirting enough for a couple of half tiles and a couple of 2" tiles. There are also about ten 6" x 2" plain white cut from larger tiles.


£2000 (approx $2626) for just over 260 tiles.

Collection is recommended - whilst here you can see the factory where they were made which is a couple of miles down the river and now a craft centre and nearby is the Jackfield Tile Museum.

Delivery UK £200, EU £400, USA/worldwide £600

We will consider splitting the group, let us know your requirements.

Stock number: 03416

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20 no. 6" x 3" border


42 no. 6" x 2" moulding


19 no. 6" x 6" skirting


108 no. 6" x 6" plain white


62 no. 6" x 1" border



54 inches wide by 50 inches high. There are sufficient tiles for two panels.
3 feet wide by six feet high. There are sufficient tiles for two panels. Ideal for a corner shower unit, glass doors recommended!
3 feet wide by six feet high. There are sufficient tiles including dados from the broken/trimmed box to make this arrangement x 2.


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