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Edwardiana Print & Tint Tile

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £65 (approx $94)
Stock number: 03453E

UK Special Delivery £75

EU Priority £79

US and World Priority £83

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Short partial manufacturing flaw hairline right edge which doesn't appear verso however it does coincide with a rarely found lock back.


• Style: Renaissance
• Technique: Print & tint
• Manufacturer: Richards
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1905 (circa)


A fabulous rich, bright and lively design the epitome of confidence and decadence at the peak of empire. Printed in mid brown and coloured with six colours, good bright colours, and further glazed with an excellent translucnt glaze.

Most people are familiar with Victoriana, this is kind of Edwardiana the equivalent in the decade following Victoriana. Bold, fussy and colourful with a little less symmetry. Not so often found as it competed with art nouveau, neo-classical, rennaisance, gothic and other styles still in evidence, this lends itself more to the genre of renaissance than other.

Versos very clean some with rare locks.



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