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Maw Blue and White Aesthetic Tile

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £145 (approx $192)
Stock number: 03462

UK Special Delivery £155

EU Airsure £159

US and World Airsure £163

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A couple of minute rim chips.


• Style: Aesthetic movement japanesque
• Technique: Transfer print
• Designer: Owen Gibbons*
• Maker: Maw & Co
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1880 


Quite literally one of the best quality blue and white printed tiles one may ever see, wonderful design and wonderful execution and colour. A distinctive design yet typical of the genre and showing the japanese influence of the times with lotus flowers, blossom and mons-style circular elements. Believed to be designed by Owen Gibbons being similarto his style of work for the company and frequently occuring in sets with panels bearing Owen Gibbon's initials.

The most phenomenal quality, fabulous fine printing, brilliant white clay and pure, clear glaze. Decorating with blue was especially difficult as the colour tended to leech in to the glaze which was so widespread that it became recognised as a style in its own right, flow blue.

One of the funny things about Maw & Co is they are best known for encaustic, lustre, maiolica, majolica and enameled tiles, their printed tiles tend to get overlooked. Maw & Co in general are overlooked in so far as the brand name does not attract the premium that the other Ms, Minton, Morris and de Morgan attract although Maw's wares were superior. Maw & Co produced tiles in a wider variety of techniques than any other company and were at or near the top in terms of style and quality in all yet the technique where they clearly led the field was in printing.

Mintons and Wedgwood are the best known brands for printed tiles, Mintons China Works ordinary transfer printed tiles tended to be poorly printed (Reynold's patent are usually excellent), Minton Hollins were excellent quality but perhaps lacking a little in style, the majority of Wedgwood tiles especially blue prints have significant printing flaws. Maws produced the greatest fine line prints of all manufacturers even in blue, and at an early date too. This tile was made at the Broseley works so is pre 1885.

Verso very clean, embossed name, badge and Broseley.



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