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Outstanding Floral Print & Tint Tile

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £70 (approx $107)
• Stock number: 03702B

UK Special Delivery £78

EU Priority £82

US and World Priority £86

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Some very tiny chips, wear, glaze losses to the side edges, a little crazing towards the right side but extremely clean, fabulous colours and most brilliant glaze.


• Style: Floral
• Technique: Print & tint
• Manufacturer: Booths
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1900



This is an excellent tile, a pretty floral design withing a rococo border. Nicely printed and coloured with seven colours, note the clay is slightly creamy so the flowers are highlighted with brilliant white..

Verso very clean with printed pattern number indicating an introduction date of 1897.


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