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American Gothic Printed Tile

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £80 (approx $120)
• Stock number: 03742

UK Special Delivery £88

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US and World Priority £96

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No major damge just minor surface glaze chips and wear around the rim, opacity in the glaze bottom left corner is a manufacturing flaw.


• Style/technique: Pictorial Print
• Manufacturer: International Tile Co, of New York*
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1875


A bold design printed in dark brown on white of the aesthetic or one could say arts & crafts genre and with a definite gothic influence.

This I believe to be a very rare tile though I must confess that full understanding escapes me for though apparently english in all respects and indeed bought in England it bears the mark of the International Tile Co. The International Tile Co operated from Brooklyn, New York and their tile usually have a characteristic mark with their initials embossed verso. Virtually all of their tiles that I have seen are of the aesthetic period based around the decade of the 1880s and many with a distinct japanesque feel. This is a first for me with a very english gothic inspired design.

Furthermore the biscuit looks english Campbell Tile Co being my instinct, it has a printed mark, faint but legible, saying International Tile Co. With their initials usually found embossed I had taken it that the made their own biscuit but this is not a given for most manufacturers will apply branding and usually only for the cost of making the special pattern plate. So maybe they did not make their own biscuit and were, as indeed the name suggests, importers of tiles. Or perhaps, and the style of the design gives this credence, it was an early tile made for them in England and later they made their own. Anyways it is an interesting and decorative piece and in my albeit limited experience of american printed tiles a rarity. For it to be found in England too is a little odd, maybe one that 'escaped' from the tileworks.

If any knowledgeable collector can add I will gladly amend the description.

Verso perfectly clean generic grid with filled die in the position that Campbells used for their compass badge, International Tile Co, printed.


The image is full size at 72 dpi (about 430 pixels wide) in maximum quality JPEG format, a larger 120 dpi image also in maximum quality JPEG format can be forwarded by email if required.

The image is a little oversize rather than cropped close to the edges so that the edges can easily be seen and any chips etc can be quickly spotted. Other marks described are usually not visible at all when the tile is viewed straight as one normally sees it and can only be seen with a critical eye when the tile is tilted to catch imperfections in reflected light. For more details of how we describe marks see Condition.


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