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Unusual (and subtly wonderful) Minton Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £80 (approx $129)
Stock number: 03795

UK Special Delivery £89

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Slight roughness left and bottom edges.


• Style: Aesthetic
• Technique: Print & tint
• Manufacturer: Mintons Ltd
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1880



This is a wonderful tile, not one of those that grabs initially but it really is very very good and the appreciation grows over time. It's a two colour tile, there are more than most imagine because the colours are very close and it's a lovely light, bright and very well executed design. A puce outline print coloured with a slightly lighter shade of pink you need a good eye or good observation to see the subtlety.

This technique most often used for blues, a dark blue outline and brighter cobalt blue for the colouring the reason there being clear, cobalt blue was prone to leeching in to the glaze hence flow blue wares so to bring crsipness to blue designs the outline was printed in indian blue and the cobalt blue hand painted. Pinks were also very problematic colours, we have solid evidence on Mintons experimenting printing pinks as late as the 1890s, and not being very succesful at it!

It really takes an eye glass to appreciate the skill and work that went in to these tiles, all those tiny little beads on the ends of the stamens and leaves in the ring are meticulously painted, these were very expensive tiles to produce so it is not surprising that these are the first I have seen. Also on the thicker half an inch 'hearth quality' tiles although these were fitted in to furniture, a furniture maker of highest quality no doubt.

There's an incomplete lozenge registration mark on the edge so the design no later than 1883, it is not in the catalogue in this colourway but is with an accompanying tile in brown and gold the colourway originating in1898.

Verso very clean embossed Minton etc.


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