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Exceptional Majolica Tile


• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £325 (approx $430)
• Stock number: 04001

UK Special Delivery £335

EU Priority £339

US and World Priority £343

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Three tiny patches of light rubbing.


• Style: Arabesque
• Technique: Embossed majolica
• Maker: Minton, Hollins & Co.
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1880 (circa)


This is an outrageously opulent tile. The design is a brilliant compromise of tastes and styles in the victoriana manner, some gothic and islamic influences, some would see art nouveau, it would complement any luscious interior of the times.

But more than the styles this tile is a testament to, and represents the pinnacle of, the art of majolica. Wonderfully modelled and moulded in quite high bas relief the manufacturing quality is superb. Verso is sculpted to ensure a consistent thickness of clay and avoid distortions in manufacture and environmental stresses upon installation.

Rapturous colours, wide ranging and with most brilliant glaze finishes. Royal blue, steel blue, rich pink, soft green and brown and brilliant white and despite the lack of a raised outline near perfectly painted.

Rarely found, such tiles adorned the walls of prestigious buildings especially inns and theatres most of which which have fallen in to disrepair and have been demolished, the majority of tiles (in good condition) that come to market are from furniture and fireplaces.

Michael Daintry Hollins, partner of Herbert Minton and manager of the newly established specialist tile division of Minton & Co. from 1840 can be called the father of the industrial wall tile. The company made some of the best tiles and was reknowned for quality only bested at times by Maw & Co.


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