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Arts & Crafts Style Floral Majolica Tile Lewis Day

Style: Conventional floral
• Technique: Embossed majolica
Manufacturer: Pilkington
Dimensions: 6" x 12"
Date: Design registered 1900

Condition: Fine
Price: £325 (approx $491)
Stock number: 04101

UK Special Delivery £337

EU Priority £343

US and World Priority £350

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Very small chip mid left, very tiny chip bottom left corner, other minute chips/roughness to the tip of the rim. Surface is very near perfect quite remarkable for a large tile from a fireplace with quite high and sharp relief. Perfectly clean and most brilliant glazes.



An excellent floral design by Lewis F Day, bold and naturalistic and in natural colours glazes which have super brilliance. Rarely found, I have seen but a few times and then with blue flowers and white ground, I can't recall in these colours. I do rather prefer these colours even though quite typical of the times they do work very well and the darker background and foliage are a perfect foil for the bright flowers.

Slightly overfired in the kiln, which to my eye adds to the appeal with the undulating effect of the brown background. As this and similar brown glazes got too hot they turned black, the hottest part of the tile is around the rim so it has produced the most appealling shading there and sporadically where the glaze is slightly thinner. Not quite the arts and crafts method of 'throw it in the kiln and if it comes out nice put a high price on it' but in the typical variabilities of manufacture there were good and not so good, and this is great. Overfiring can boost the brilliance in glazes that maintain their integrity as it has wuth the pale lemon flowers and green foliage.

Verso very clean, P's in corners, registration number embossed centrally, pattern number written in pencil.



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