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Gibbons Hinton 6 x 12 Pictorial Fishing Tile


Condition: Excellent
Price: £275 (approx $342)
Ref no: #04103

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Two tiny rim chips and the ocassional touch of wear to the tip of the rim. Very small chip has been broken and glued back bottom left corner, well within the border and not in the least detracting, surface is near perfect a brilliant and colourful tile.


Style: Pastoral
• Technique: Moulded majolica
Maker: Gibbons Hinton
Dimensions: 6" x 12"
Date: circa 1900


A fabulous and rare majolica landscape tile depicting a pastoral scene of a gentleman fishing in a gorge. An excellent range of majolica colours given the limitations of the times, many inglaze colours when alongside each other reacted or mixed to produce unsightly effects so tube line and cloisonne tiles were produced with high outlines to keep glazes separate. Without raised outlines glaze colours often devolve in to a sorry mess but here the glazes blend wonderfully in a controlled manner to produce continuous graduating tones. Look at the foilage of the foreground tree, amazing rnge of tones all from one colour glaze, the quality of moulding showing fine, lifelike detail. As with émaux ombrants the design, modelling and moulding skills are clear, what is less clear is the technology of the glazes for without very specific characteristics in the glazes the effect could not be achieved.

Verso very clean, plain bars, unmarked.


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