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Floral Block Printed Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £75 (approx $115)
• Stock number: 04230B

UK Special Delivery £85

EU Priority £89

US and World Priority £93

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A couple of minute rim chips and the slightest of roughness to the tip of the rim all too small to be seen in the image, visible marks are manufacturing flaws.


Style: Floral
Technique: Block print
Made by: Wedgwood?
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1890


This is an interesting tile, I believe made for Wedgwood but impossible to say for certain, certainly has the feel of a Wedgwood block print but few people would recognise them anyway. A floral design, looks like a distinctive flower but not one that I recognise, block printed in three colours.

Block printed (multicolour printed) tiles are relatively unusual from Wedgwood mostly they did ordinary transfer prints, a few tinted, a few majolicas which were almost all subcontracted, their speciality was the stencilled slip tiles which with no machinery or origination costs they produced thousands of variations. Other block printed Wedgwood designs have been seen with Webbs Worcester Tileries scraped off suggesting that Webbs made them for Wedgwood.

Verso generic bars, possibly Ollivant, Wedgwood bought in blanks and subcontracted tile manufacture to a number of companies but Ollivant is not known to be one. Pattern number hand written with the prefix and in the correct range for Wedgwood's block printed tiles, they used different prefixes for different decorating processes.


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