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Malkin Cinderella Tile

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £145 (approx $236)
Stock number: 04414

UK Special Delivery £158

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Only extremely slight marks.


• Style/technique: Pictorial print
• Manufacturer: Malkin
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:circa 1880


The court jester fails to amuse the ugly sisters from the series of tiles depicting scenes from the Cinderella story printed in a nice warm brown on a pale buff clay. This is similar clay to that used by Booth for their 'glaze that does not craze' this also not crazed due to the semi-vitrified nature of the clay.

Malkin were a great tile company, widely unrecognised but superb tilemakers. They started making tiles in 1866 and were one of the few tiles makers to stay in business for over a century finally falling in to the hands of Johnsons (who else) in 1968. They did super quality designs and manufacturing quality throughout all the eras, more picture series than are generally known about and some excellent art nouveau tiles.

Verso very clean, Malkin's well known offset grid and centre ring, unmarked.


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