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Japanesque Aesthetic Transfer Printed Tile Mintons


• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £120 (approx $204)
• Stock number: 04527

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Small shallow surface chip top left corner, light roughness to the tip of the rim, perfect surface.


Style: Aesthetic japanesque
• Technique: Transfer print
Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1880


A superb and full design with a range of subjects in circular vignettes, a flying crane, fishes and rose against a cracked ice background sprinkled with carnations and with stylised corner motifs. Printed in electric blue on half inch thick clay body, Mintons 'hearth quality'. The design bears close examination, note the complexity and naturalism in the vignette subjects and even of the cracked ice. The corners, which in a panel would form a circular motif, are all different - not different due to transcribing errors but different by design, each carnation is also different and designed to be so. This is the kind of design that one can see more in almost every time one sees it and will give pleasure for many years.

The design appears in Barnard, Bishop & Barnards's catalogue who had tiles made for them by Mintons, T G & F Booth and William de Morgan whose first major contract was with them. This example was made by Mintons and has their characteristic unnamed offset grid back used mostly for supplying direct to ironfounders and other noted distributors. The designs in BBB's catalogue are usually found on half inch thick blanks and it appears that they specified the thicker quality.

Almost certainly designed by the famed architect Thomas Jeckyll who did much work around Norwich and specified and designed ironwork made by Barnard, Bishop & Barnards including fireplaces and including a particular style known as 'Jeckyll Grates' many of which bear very similar decoration to that on this tile.

Verso perfectly clean, some clay loss from adhesive removal. 


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