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Boote Art Nouveau Tile


Condition: Excellent
Price: £95 (approx $151)
Ref no: #04560

UK Special Delivery £103

EU Priority £107

US and World Priority £111

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White mark left edge is a glaze miss the only marks are slight surface marks, touches of rubbing and very light scratches. There's the almost, for Boote, obligatory manufacturing flaw.


• Style/technique: Art Nouveau majolica
• Manufacturer: T & R Boote
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1908


Even after three decades of collecting art nouveau tiles new designs to me come along fairly frequently this from Boote a new one for me. An interesting design and interesting colour treatment, could look quite different painted differently.

Verso a little grubby, greyhound badge etc.


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