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Excellent Floral Print & Tint Tile

Condition: Very good
Price: £85 (approx $135)
Stock number: 04608

UK Special Delivery £93

EU Priority £97

US and World Priority £101

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Some chip to the rim within the outer border, fabulous surface condition.


• Style/technique: floral print & tint
• Manufacturer: T A Simpson
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: design registered 1885


A fabulous tile, a colourful blossoming branch printed in dark brown and tinted in super colours. Furthermore, something that it is difficult to ascertain from the image is the richness of the glazes for the glaze produces a three dimensional effect and is remarkably brilliant and unmarked with the passing of time. The chips to the edge detract but they could be easily hidden with a frame, the tile face is so wonderful that chips which otherwise would mean we don't select for our stock aren't that important.

Verso clean but a little smoke stain, printed name and registration number, painted pattern(?) number.


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