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Rare Pastoral Scene Tile 'Evening'


Condition: Excellent
Price: £125 (approx $164)
Ref no: #04673

UK Special Delivery £140

EU Priority £145

US and World Priority £150

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Excellent condition, a little surface wear, some minor marks around the rim from the original fitting.


Style/technique: Pictorial print & tint
Manufacturer: Unattributed
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1885


A not previously seen tile with a pastoral scene of a farmhouse. Entitled 'Evening' in bottom left corner, perhaps an illegible preceding word could be Lane which again may have had a missing preceding word. There's a thumbprint in the paint that corner too, probably that of the painter.

Certainly quite a rarity, 6" x 12" transfer prints are uncommon, many are 6" x 6" skillfully painted out to fill the larger tile, many are split for 6" x 6" tiles or I should say presumably split for they may have been two separate 6" x 6" prints. Topping off the rarity is that this is plastic clay with a combed verso, the regular 3/8" thickness so made for regular wall and fireplace use.


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