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Decorative Art Co Tile Inverlachy Castle


Condition: Excellent
Price: £65 (approx $103)
Ref no: #04676

UK Special Delivery £73

EU Priority £79

US and World Priority £87

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Excellent condition, some minor marks around the rim and from the original fireplace frame.


Style: Pictorial landscape
• Technique: Colour print and fill
Maker: The Decorative Art Tile Co.
Dimensions: 6" x 12"
Date: circa 1900


A Scottish landscape with castle, loch and mountains one of a series (presumably of twelve) Scottish landscapes. A circular print of excellent quality for the times set in the middle and painted out to fill the tile. The prints were standard for the tableware manufacturers of The Potteries and were also popular for tiles being used by a number of manufacturers mostly on six inch tiles but occassionally on twelve inch as this and sometimes as this painted out for the design to fill the tile. Inverlachy Castle as named on the tile and known at the time, now known as Inverlochy Castle.

The printing was cutting edge technology of the times and twelve inch by six inch tiles were about four times the price of six inch by six inch tiles so these were quite expensive and primarily used as the centrepieces of fireplace cheek panels in better quality houses.

Verso very clean with the company's registered design trademark.



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