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Lovely Aesthetic Floral Tile


Condition: Fine
Price: £80 (approx $129)
Ref no: #04701

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One tiny and one minute rim chips, some glaze rubbing near the rim not at all noticable unless sought out for overall the surface finish is most brilliant.


Style/technique: Aesthetic floral print & tint
Manufacturer: Sherwin & Cotton
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: design registered 1888


A lovely stylised aesthetic design the central roundel suggestive of a flowerhead but in detail rather more like a medalion set in a square and further surrounded by flowers and leaves. The design can be seen in the Sherwin & Cotton catalogue the page reprinted in The Morris Ware, Tiles & Art of George Cartlidge. The blank made from buff clay with darker speckles, a heavier clay than usual, and slightly thicker than usual too. The blank made by T & R Boote. It should be noted that Austwick cites two Boote blanks as bing by Sherwin & Cotton, this is in error, Sherwin & Cotton did not produce their own blanks for a decade or so and as was typical for the times (cf The Decorative Art Tile Co) were specialist decorators.

Verso very clean, Boote ring style grip, printed pattern number (indistinct) and design registration number.


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