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Rare Art Nouveau Majolica Tile Boote

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £150 (approx $241)
• Stock number: 04735

UK Special Delivery £158

EU Priority £162

US and World Priority £166

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Very tiny chip bottom left corner, few very tiny glaze flakes to the rim, white spot right side is a glaze blow.


Style: Art nouveau
• Technique: Majolica
Manufacturer: T & R Boote
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1905


This design I can't recall seeing before a few months ago and then how things happen another small group comes along. I do rather like it, a quirky, fun design, a little petite but you can readiy imagine how the corner motifs would combine in a larger spread, fully art nouveau. A fabulous colourway, such bronze-like glaze colours are rarely seen, the turquoise relieves the restrained tones like precious stones in a metal ornament.

Verso unusual for Boote, I wouldn't have recognised the tile as being by them if not for the earlier group bought. It is just possible there is another explanation such as a design made by Boote for a third party and so also made by another but there are other characteriistics that indicate Boote!


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