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Renaissance Print and Glaze Tile


Condition: Fairly good
Price: £40 (approx $63)
Stock number: 04816

UK Special Delivery £49

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Apparent chips left edge are glazed over manufacturing flaws, there are however a few tiny chips/roughness to the rim, surface is rather scratched but not so much as to be clearly seen unless caught at an angle in the light.



Style: Renaissance
• Technique: Print and glaze
Manufacturer: Maw & Co
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1900


I confess to finding this design rather curious it was however quite popular for we see it from time to time and by several companies. Mostly seen as a plain print in various colours but also seen tinted, this quite a different example for the print is softer greatly relieving the brashness and the background is painted with a deep zaffer blue. This appears to be in quite a stiff glaze mix for threr is some thickness, some texture to it and it has some translucency. So all in all a rather unusual and flamboyant tile and of interest to collectors of cobalt/zaffer blue.

Verso very clean embossed Maw & Co Ld England.


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