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Barbotine Stencil Wedgwood Tile


Condition: Very fine
Price: £125 (approx $212)
Ref no: #04837

UK Special Delivery £135

EU Priority £139

US and World Priority £143

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Very tiny glaze flake bottom edge, another top left and a pinprick to the glaze upper left - other minute spots are manufacturing flaws.


Style: Aesthetic floral
• Technique: Barbotine stencil*
Maker: Wedgwood
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1890

* Widely but incorrectly called Marsden's Patent or Patent Impressed.


Another not seen before and a super tile. Two-tone blue and white in barbotine, absolutely wonderful for those who appreciate the colours and qualities of the technique.

Verso very clean embossed 'C' and painted pattern number.


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