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 Rare Doulton Embossed, Impressed & Painted Tile

Condition: Very fine
Price: £180 (approx. $249)
Stock number: 04889

UK Special Delivery £188

EU Priority £193

US and World Priority £196

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Top corners trimmed for the original fixing, tiny chip bottom edge, touches of wear top edge, perfect surface. 


• Style: Floral, rococo
• Technique: Embossed, impressed and painted
• Maker: Doulton & Co. of Lambeth
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1895 


A rare multiple process tile from Doulton Lambeth with a rococo style border embossed in quite high relief leaving a shield shaped cartouche with impressed lace pattern and hand painted with flowers. Very clean and bright and most brilliantly glazed.

The impressed lace pattern creating a similar effect to Doulton & Slater's Patent often seen on pots and vases ('Chine' ware) where the decoration was applied with plastic clay and slips but this created in the press and is Marsden's patent. The tile body was made for Doulton by Marsden in Stoke on Trent then decorated by hand at Doulton's Lambeth Studio.

Verso very clean, two hand painted numbers perhaps pattern and order numbers, embossed Patent Doulton & Co. Lambeth London and rubber stamped England.



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