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Finely Painted Pair of Flying Ducks Tiles

Style: Nature study studio tiles
Technique: Hand painted
Manufacturer: Unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 6"x 2
Date: circa 1890


A lovely pair of nature study tiles of flying ducks unusually painted in manganese mauve. Nice quality painting, an unusual colour and super condition makes for a rare and interesting pair of tiles. Probably by one of the several London based decorators who worked elsewhere following the demise of the Mintons Kensington Gore Art Pottery Studio.

Versos perfectly clean Boote style rings. Hand written "cream sample", I have seen this just once before and take it to be that the glazed blank was supplied to perhaps just a single decorator, it does take the hand painting very well and appears to be a special glaze designed for hand painting by tile studios.


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £375 (approx $615)
Ref: 04934/5


UK Special Delivery £387

EU Priority £392

US and World Priority £399

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Ref: 04934/5

Left Tile: Spot mid top edge a manufacturing flaw also minute glaze blow near centre, very slight loss to left edge.

Right Tile: Perfect, very tiny mark right edge a glazed over manufacturing flaw.


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