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Excellent Pair of Hand Painted Seasons Tiles

  • Style: Pastoral
  • Technique: Hand Painted
  • Manufacturer: The Decorative Art Tile Co
  • Dimensions: 6" x 12" each tile
  • Date: circa 1895

An excellent pair of hand painted pictures, landscapes representing the seasons spring and summer each with a swan upon a meandering river. Usually seen titled and in colour but these untitled in pleasing sepia tones.

These are genuinely handpainted tiles showing the skill of the artist, painted without the use of an outline there would have been drawings in the pattern book for the guidance of the artist rather than a pounced or traced outline to follow. It is little known that most of the hand painted tiles were in fact rather more painting by numbers than hand painting even William de Morgan traced and painted on to transfer paper which was then applied to tile. We see a pair of these every few years, I have probably seen half a dozen or so pairs, for sure three different artists painted them, likely more, each is an individual and unique work of art with differences such as the positions of the swans and the line of the river and of course in the grass and foliage.

Such 6" x 12" tiles were most often used as the centrepieces of fireplace panels both slabbed and in cast iron but they are also found framed as pictures. They were expensive each tile costing roughly the same as a pair of tinted print five-tile panels or a dozen tinted print 6" x 6", a pair cost about a week and a half's wages of a typical pottery worker. These apparently were framed as new, versos are very clean and have script in pencil apparently from the original retailer or framer indicating customer name and address and size and style of frame to be made.

Versos unmarked generic grid possibly Woolliscroft, also seen on other tiles by the company.

Condition: Excellent
Price: £380 (approx $612)
Ref: 04993/4


UK Special Delivery £405

EU Priority £473

US and World Priority £486

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A couple of tiny rim chips and a few very tiny/minute rim chips each tile, white mark bottom edge a manufacturing flaw, some sligh inconsistences to the rim as in the nature of the process. Surface condition is near perfect no major marks.


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