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Arts & Crafts Tile Sherwin & Cotton

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £375 (approx $512)
Stock number: 05001F

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Minute chip top left corner, incredibly brilliant glaze.


Style: Arts & crafts floral
Technique: Hand painted
Designer: Probably George Cartlidge
Manufacturer: Sherwin & Cotton
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1900


A very rarely found and most superb design from this the most prolific art tile company. On a rarely found 'heavy' high fired red clay body with a textured surface, overpainted with engobe and further painted with opaque and translucent stains and finished with a most brilliant translucent glaze. The sort of bold floral design that provokes the reaction 'William de Morgan' but this is most likely George Cartlidge who was art director for Sherwins, de Morgan didn't do anything as complex as these. Fabulous colours, rich blue, great purple and red and dynamic greens for the foliage.

Verso very clean, embossed Sherwin's Patent etc and triangle mark, written pattern number, very slight mortar remains in the locks, slight clay loss from removal


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