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Arts & Crafts Style Seasons Tile

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £260 (approx $343)
Stock number: 05046

UK Special Delivery £269

EU Priority £273

US and World Priority £277

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Only the very slightest of marks, light mark bottom right corner is a print miss.


Style: Arts & crafts pictorial
Technique: Transfer printed
Manufacturer: Steele & Wood
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1885


An excellent scene of a monk seated on a bench in a colonnade with a japanesque landscape behind all in a circular cartouche surrounded by marble-like texture patterns. Entitled 'Ye Winter Cauld Drear, one of a set of the four seasons, most excellent designs, I have yet to complete my set, this has been in my collection for years but I have two so now this one for the pleasure of another.

Verso a little grubby, unmarked. Most of Steele & Wood's tiles are unmarked and usually attributed to Wedgwood, Minton and recently I have even seen Cleveland due to people assuming similar equals the same and desiring of adding a name with brand value. Steele & Wood should have brand value for they did many excellent tiles.


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