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Unusual Hand Painted Landscape Tile by Wade

Style: Landscape
Technique: Painted
Maker: J & W Wade
Dimensions: 12" x 6"
Date: circa 1900


A well painted countryside view with a pond in the foreground and hamlet beyond. Well painted in earh tones well refelcting the autumnal scene the trees having lost most of their leaves. A rarity in several respects, 12" x 6" (horizontal) tiles are the most scrace of the standard dimensions, many groups were made together with a vertical pair designed as for most period decorative tiles for fitting in to fireplaces. Whilst many fireplaces had tile panels either side very few had the provision for a horizontal tile, in cast iron fireplaces there were occasionally tiled canopies almost invariably fitting one such tile and the american style of tiling interiors for mantels alos allowed for a horiizontal panel. Both are fairly rare relative to the bulk of period fireplaces. Wade 12 x 6 or 6 x 12 tiles are rare indeed the only others i can recall seeing are impasto barbotine, and Wade hand painted tiles are rare so with all that together perhaps we can call this very rare.

Verso, embossed Flaxman, some remains of furniture stain.


Condition: Good
Price: £90 (approx $143)
Ref: 05102

No major damage, two small flakes and a scratch, several tiny > minute rim chips, other minor marks. 


UK Special Delivery £101

EU Priority £107

US and World Priority £113

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